Nutrex Liquid Carnitine 3000 473 ml

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Optimise the sporting performance, delay the occurrence of fatigue and improve your diet
Free from stimulants, fast absorption due to the liquid form and also very suitable during diet phases, one serving (29.6 ml) has 10 g of carbohydrates and 40 calories
Nutrex Research Black Series Liquid Carnitine 3000 Green Apple 473 ml Bottle of Liquid L-Carnitine (as Carnipure) for 16 portions of 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml)
L-carnitine intervenes in the body’s fat supply by supporting the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria of the muscles, where they can be burned as energy.
With 3000 mg carnipure liquid L-carnitine per serving, it delivers one of the highest doses available, with a delicious flavour but free from artificial colours and aromas.

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berry blast, GREEN APPLE


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